About CHAT

The Children’s Hospital Association of Texas is a nonprofit association with the mission to advance children’s health and well-being by advocating for policies and funding that promote children’s access to high-quality, comprehensive health care. Since 1989, CHAT has worked to advance its goals and public policy objectives in cooperation with other trade associations, advocacy groups, state agencies and the Texas Legislature.

CHAT was formed in 1989 in response to crises in state child health programs, including:

– Cutbacks in the “Crippled Children’s” program run by the Texas Department of Health.

– Devastating payment reductions under the initial Medicaid Diagnosis Related Group hospital payment system.

– Medicaid cost containment efforts.

CHAT aims to educate and advocate about the value of children’s hospitals in Texas, the unique care they provide, the specialists they train and produce, and the critical need for designated funding. People from all over the country—and the world—come to Texas for its children’s hospitals’ high-quality, specialized care.