Children’s Health in the News

  • Report: America’s Military Readiness and the Essential Role of Medicaid. ( (11/14/2018) Read Report.
  • Fewer Texas Children are Uninsured, but Some Fear the Momentum Could Be Lost. (Dallas Morning News, 06/18/2018) Read Article.
  • Texans Want the State to Spend their Money on Health Care and Expand Medicaid, Poll Says. (Dallas Morning News, 06/16/2018) Read Article.
  • Poll: Majority of  Texans Support Expanding Medicaid. (Austin American-Statesman, 06/14/2018) Read Article.
  • Why Texas’ New Effort to Fight Maternal Mortality with Checklists is a Smart Idea. (Dallas Morning News, 06/14/2018) Read Article.
  • CHAT President, Stacy Wilson, discusses how the Texas budget affects children’s health care and hospitals during an interview with Center for Public Policy Priorities. (@bettertexas Facebook video, 06/07/2018) Watch Video.
  • Texas Pays Companies Billions for ‘Sham Networks’ of Doctors. (Dallas Morning News, 06/04/2018) Read Article.
  • As Patients Suffer, Companies Profit (Dallas Morning News, 06/04/2018) Read Article.
  • What is Medicaid? (Dallas Morning News, 06/03/2018) Read Article.
  • Dell Children’s Opening New Mental Health Unit (KVUE News, 05/17/2018) Read Article.
  • Texas Children’s to Recoup Tens of Millions Under Judge’s Ruling. (Houston Chronicle, 05/05/2018) Read Article.
  • Texas Leads New Lawsuit to Effectively Repeal Obamacare (Houston Chronicle, 02/27/2018) Read Article.
  • Can Telemedicine Be Both Cost-Effective and High Quality? (US News and World Report, 02/27/2018) Read Article.
  • CHAT President, Stacy Wilson, discusses the possible effects of repealing and/or replacing the health care bill may have on children who rely on Medicaid. (@SpecNewsATX, 07/27/2018) Watch Video at 17:45 minute mark.
  • After Surgery in the Womb, A Baby Kicks up Hope. (The New York Times, 01/15/2018) Read Article.
  • The Forgotten Medicaid Recipients (Houston Chronicle, 07/03/17) Read Article.
  • Texas is Eyeing Big Medicaid Cuts. Here’s Why It Matters to Texas Families (The Texas Tribune, 06/21/17) Read Article.
  • CHAT President, Stacy Wilson, Discusses the Importance of Federal Funding for Children’s Health Care In Texas (, 06/15/17) Watch Interview.
  • CHAT President Speaks on GOP Health Care Bill and Why It’s a Bad Deal for Texas Kids (Capital Tonight, 05/08/17) Watch Interview (at end of video).
  • Medicaid Helps School Help Children (, 04/18/2017). Read Report.


  • Texans Care for Children on Early Childhood Intervention. Read More
  • The Annual Report and Data Book is an overview of the department’s programs, services, performance, and accomplishments, and a comprehensive statistical resource of Department of Family and Protective Services for the fiscal year beginning September 1st through August 31st.  Learn More.
  • America’s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-being, 2016 is the 17th of a compendium of indicators depicting important aspects of children’s lives, drawn from statistics reported to 23 federal agencies. Learn More.
  • Children’s Health Coverage Rate Now at Historic High of 95 Percent.  Learn More.

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